About Catholic Household

What is there to say “about” Catholic Household?

It has potential.

It was started on August 15th, 2014, and is made with pride of craftsmanship.

All of the articles and posts on Catholic Household are 100% original. All of the content is written expressly for this site (Photos not included, but they are used with permission and given attribution). We do not re-print articles (and we kindly ask that you not re-post the articles from Catholic Household on other websites–we reserve all rights).  The views reflected by the articles may not always represent the opinions of the editor (indeed I hope many do not as I intend to find authors to present both sides of controversial issues), but all content will be vigorously checked for doctrinal orthodoxy to ensure it is never opposed to the Church’s magisterium.

The authors of full articles are paid for their contributions. (If you are interested in writing for Catholic Household, just shoot us an email or message on Facebook.)

Editor: Draper Warren

Contact information: hscatholic(AT)gmail.com or message me on Facebook.

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